We are often asked: Why do I need a 4-Roll Plate Roll over a 3 Roll Machine? While there isn't a secret, a 4-Roll Plate roll can improve your work efficiency to no end and let's be honest, who doesn't love a good efficiency-boosting machine? While very dependable, the 3-roll initial pinch plate rolling machine is far inferior to the 4-roll plate roll and while the 3-roll machine may have served you well in the past, you can't help but notice its limitations when you understand the 4-roll plate roll. It's like discovering a long-lost treasure trove of metal fabrication capabilities in a time saving design.

Key Advantages of a 4-Roll Plate Roll

There are a few key advantages that have made the 4-roll plate roll the go-to machine for rolling sheet steel. First and foremost, it provides a one-pass operation. With a 3-roll machine, you need to pre-bend and then re-roll the sheet, leading to a time-consuming two-step process. In contrast, the 4-roll machine allows you to pre-bend and roll in just one smooth movement, making it a game changer in terms of time-saving efficiency and part accuracy.

Speaking of pre-bending, let's dive a little deeper into that aspect. The 4-roll plate roll not only simplifies this process but also offers more precision. While using the 3-roll machine, you risk material slippage, which can lead to inaccuracies in your results. This risk is eliminated with the 4-roll machine, as it securely grips the material between the top and bottom roll during the entire rolling process, ensuring a perfect pre-bend every time.

Here's a random fact that you might appreciate: did you know that the first documented designs for a plate rolling machine were created by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 16th century? Talk about being ahead of your time! He would surely marvel at the advancements in plate rolling machines that we have today.

Now, back to our 4-roll plate roll. One more advantage is the increased safety it offers. With the 4-roll machine, the need for manual handling and flipping, which is often required during the two-step process in a 3-roll, is eliminated. This decrease in manual handling not only reduces the risk of workplace accidents while enhancing part accuracy but also creates a more efficient workflow.

4-Roll Plate Rolls are Versatile

Finally, one can't ignore the overall versatility of the 4-roll plate roll. Whether you're working with small or large plate thicknesses, it can handle it all. It's the epitome of flexibility and convenience, making it a worthy investment for anyone passionate about quality sheet steel fabrication. Also adding the available CNC controller to these powerful and versatile machines only enhances their capability and adds versatility too while making it easier for inexperienced operators to gain the results of experienced plate roll operators. 

In plate rolling the choice is clear. The 4-roll plate roll ticks all the boxes: efficiency, precision, safety, and versatility. It's a small investment that can make a vast difference in your productivity and performance. So, why not take the leap and upgrade your 3-roll initial pinch plate rolling machine to its superior 4-roll counterpart? Your shop, planners, maintenance & safety personnel, operators and customers will surely thank you for it. Click the link below or call us at 833-BENDMAK (833-236-3625) for more information on how a Bendmak 4-Roll machine can increase your productivity too.

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