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Bendmak USA

Machine Financing





Not only can you get great rates and low monthly payments, but you can get great service and the terms you want too!

Bendmak USA is proud to partner with some of the best manufacturing solution providers in the industry—and that includes our finance partner, Manufacturers Capital, a trusted source for all of your equipment financing needs.

Manufacturers Capital specializes in machine tool financing providing all inclusive funding for freight, installation, software and tooling needs too.  This unique synergy allows us to work with large companies to smaller shops and startups, from one used machine to a package of new or used or a mixture -- whatever it takes to get the best deal, at the right price. Our experience in the machine tool industry allows us to tailor the machinery and finance terms to the customer and their specific needs.

Manufacturers Capital offers fast and comprehensive terms, ensuring our customers get the most competitive finance options available.

When you're ready to see the great rates available to you, download the credit application below a for a quick approval and quote:

Online Credit Application

Here’s how Manufacturers Capital can help your business grow:

  • One Page Application
  • Application-Only up to $500,000.00
  • New, Used, Refurbished or a Mixture 
  • 3 to 6 Month Deferred payments
  • No Money Down
  • Accessories, Shipping and Rigging can be added
  • 18 Month Early Buy Out
  • A,B,C Credits Welcome
  • Start-ups Accepted
  • E-Docs
  • Much more available all on approved credit!