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Bendmak USA

    BendmakUSA Plate Rolling Machine Options

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    Whether you’re manufacturing metal components for pipes, pressure vessels, or tanks, our plate rolling machine options will enable you to smoothly roll sheet metal into cylinders, cones, or any round our semi round shape.

    Lower Initial Investment Costs With Used Plate Rolling Machines

    If you have a limited budget, you can limit expenditures by browsing through our used machine inventory. All of our options are in optimal condition — loading tables, conveyors, plate alignment systems, and rollers. We also verify that all safety devices are in order.

    Advantages of BendmakUSA Plate Rolls

    • Since most of the products delivered during plate rolling are sophisticated, cutting-edge, and unique, they are created using specialized machines like the state of the art Bendmak USA plate rolls.
    • Utilizing a series of precise, strong, and powered hardened rolls, Bendmak USA plate rolls are built to roll any challenging parts.
    • Bendmak USA plate rolls provide the most optimum solutions for a vast array of items including pressure vessels, home appliances, ships, wind power, military arsenal, aerospace, and more.
    • Simply put, Bendmak USA plate rolls have the best quality-to-price ratio.You don’t have to break the bank to have a great machine!

    Plate Rolls News & Insights

    Stay informed on all the best practices for plate rolling, along with new plate roll technologies.

    Plate Rolling Machine FAQs

    We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Browse through our frequently asked questions or reach out to us for additional information. 


    How do I choose a plate rolling machine? 

    When deciding which plate roll to purchase, it is crucial to match the machine style to its application. Check out this great article explaining just that. 

    Besides knowing the type or style of the machine you want, you need to consider other things, such as material type, material diameter, and material thickness. The expert team of Bendmak USA is here to support you on every single step of your purchasing process.


    What are some safety considerations when operating plate rolling machines?

    Wear your safety goggles, gloves, and all other PPE, make sure the safety rope and switch are operational around the machine, and read the safety manual before start rolling. If you are planning to roll large diameter plates, we definitely recommend using side and vertical supports, cranes, or any other equipment that can support the materials.

    Bendmak USA offers side and vertical supports, and all Bendmak USA plate rolls are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for these options.


    Where can I service your plate rolls? 

    Bendmak USA has a large team of industry professionals, experts, engineers, and service technicians to help your machine get up and running as soon as possible all across North America. We truly understand how devastating it can be to have your machine down. We are perfectly set up to get you up and running faster than any of our competitors can.

    Submit your service request here.


    How do I provide proper maintenance to a plate rolling machine? 

    Please email your machine model and serial number to our Service Department at, and we will make sure you get the specific instructions to properly maintain your Bednmak USA plate roll.


    How can I find parts for my machine?

    Bendmak stocks all the critical parts you will ever need. We use high quality parts manufactured by world-class companies, and they are widely available across North America.


    Do you offer machine financing options? 

    We are a partner of Manufacturers Capital, through which you can apply for low monthly payments for the purchase of new, used, or refurbished machinery. Please visit our Machine Financing page for more options and to submit an online credit application.