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    ZR Chain Rotators

    The purpose of Chain Rotators is to rotate and position long sections of parts for welding, cutting or assembly operations. The desired welding areas can be positioned by rotating the part on an endless chain. It is also possible to adjust the height of the piece placed on the machine even at a preferred angle as desired. This situation provides great convenience to the operator during welding.
    Product Construction; Construction consists of a frame, chain drive assemblies, electrical panel and remote operator control unit and is designed with the best structural protection overall.
    Operators; Operators have ease of use rotating large segments as they can rotate the pieces they put on the chain clockwise or counterclockwise, precisely and smoothly. At the same time, they can be moved up and down to provide the desired height. 
    Team of Chain Spinners; It consists of 2 driven units. The number of units may increase depending on the application and the weight.
    Both of the units that make up the set of chain rotators are driven and these two units can work either synchronously or independently of each other. This allows the angular height of the workpiece to be adjusted.
    Bendmak includes 6 to 12 tons chain rotators in its standard lists. However, in special cases, we have the capacity to produce up to 20 ton capacity rotators.
    • Remote control with 15' of cable
    • Automatic closing of chain arms when part is loaded
    • Sturdy chain gear structure
    • Autoblock gearbox assemblies
    • Brake motors


    ZR Specifications