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HR Rope Rotators

The purpose of Rope Rotators is to rotate and position long sections of parts. While doing this, no damage is done to the rotated part surfaces due to the soft yet strong rope material. The desired welding corner can be presented by positioning appropriate to the part, which rotates on an endless rope. It is possible to adjust the height of the piece placed on the machine as well. This 360° accessibility  provides the greatest convenience to the operator during welding.
Product construction; The HR Beam Rotators consists of frame, rope drives, electrical panel and remote operator control unit and has the best overall structural protection. Unique engineering has been devised to prevent rope breakage with a carrier style elevator. Even should the rope breaks, the operator is protected by the elevator. It is designed to not harm the operator or any part of the machine.
Operators; They can easily rotate the pieces they put on the rope clockwise or counterclockwise, precisely and smoothly. At the same time, the carried parts can be moved up and down to provide the desired height. 
Set of rope spinners; It consists of 2 driven units. The number of units may increase depending on the application and the weight.
Both of the units that make up the set of rope rotators are driven and these two units can work either synchronously or independently of each other. This allows the angular height of the workpiece to be adjusted.
  • Remote control with 15' of cable
  • Hydraulic adjusting of the rope arms to the desired angle
  • Elevator group carrying the part except the rope
  • Easy to use hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic motor driven system

HR Specifications