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Bendmak USA

Machinery BECOP Combined Drilling and Oxygen / Plasma Cutting Machines Plate Processing Systems

Machine Features
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BECOP Combined Drilling and Oxygen / Plasma Cutting Machines


Mitsubishi or Siemens CNC Control Systems
Spindle motor and all axis motors: Servomotors
Spindle motor: 30 HP 
Spindle motor torque: 206 Ft Lbs 
Drilling capacity: 0.4- 1.5"
Threading capacity: max. 1-1/4"
Thru Spindle Coolant: Yes
Tool internal cooling: Standard and compressed air for carbide-tipped drills
Spindle and Cutting Units Guideways (horizontal / vertical): Pre-stressed linear guideways
Positioning System: Pre-stressed precision ground ball screw / nut system
Marking: Yes
Tool changing unit: Yes
Tool changing unit capacity: 6 
Table weight: max. 16,500 Lbs.
Plasma cutting capacity: max. 2.36"
Oxy cutting capacity: max. 4.0"
Oxy and Plasma slag and dross collection pan: Yes
Oxy and Plasma dust filtering unit: Yes
Chip collecting pan (with wheels): Yes
Table driving system: Servomotor + Reducer / Pinion + Krameyer gear system
Table clamping: Hydraulically controlled clamping jaws

BECOP Specifications


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