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Bendmak USA

Machinery BPM Oxy-Fuel / Plasma Cutting Machine Plate Processing Systems

Machine Features
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BPM Oxy-Fuel / Plasma Cutting Machine

Using high quality, safety, durability, efficiency combined with the world leader, Hypertherm in Plasma Power Sources… Bendmak's superior production technologies ensure the best results in Oxy/Plasma Cutting Machinery.

  • Easy to use Windows based CNC unit
  • Ability to program ready parts
  • Automatic Torch height control
  • Manual or automatic cutting options
  • Automatic ventilation and smoke evacuation system
  • Sturdy and high mechanical precision: ± 0.004".
  • Collision protection system.
  • Axis positioning accuracy: ± 0.0008".
  • Axis positioning speed: 1,180" / min. (Max.)
  • Automatic Nesting Software


  • 5 Axis automatic angle cutting
  • Water table design
  • Advanced Automatic Nesting Software