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    Machinery SAR Self-Adjusting Rolls Tank Rolling Systems

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    SAR Self-Adjusting Rolls

    Self-adjusting tank rollers are an ideal solution in situations where the diameter of rotating workpieces is variable (i.e. ovals). It is used for rotating circular parts such as tanks, pressure vessels, tower pipes, boilers, tanks, reactors, fuel barrels. These tank rolls can adjust a wide range of diameters by themselves. No extra time or effort is required to start the process of rotating the workpiece.
    Tank rolls increase speed and efficiency in both automatic and manual welding and have an important place in steel construction workshops by minimizing the use of cranes.
    Operators; They can rotate the pieces they put on the rotator clockwise or counterclockwise, precisely, smoothly and at adjustable speeds that they can control over the control panel and through a set of self-adjusting dialers; It consists of two units, 1 driven and 1 idle which can be multiplied depending on the application.
    Bendmak includes 3 to 300 ton self-adjusting rotators in its standard lists. However, BENDMAK has the capacity to produce up to 600 tons in special cases.
    • Impact and shock resistant "PU" wheels
    • Automatic diameter adjustments
    • Adjustable rotation speed
    • Remote control with a 15'cable
    • Digital speed indicator on the control panel for tracking the rotation 
    • Clutch clutch system for high tonnage parts
    • Brake motors

    • Special wheel designs for regions requiring high temperatures
    • Axial Stops
    • Chassis - Brush Group
    • Rail Movement System (Carrier Car System)
    • Synchronous operation feature with column boom systems
    • Additional Rail


    SAR Specifications