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    SFU Series Tank Rolls

    Fitup Tank Rolls have been developed to easily position the welding grooves of the parts you are trying to join. The two circular parts can be easily made concentric with this system.
    Fitup Tank Rolls consist of two units; One of these units is fixed and the other moves on the rail. Therefore, the rails on which it will move should also be selected h depending on the length of the pieces to be joined via welding.
    Fitup Tank Rolls are unique to each application and therefore not necessarily ordered as a set. These rolls, powered or static, spacing and base beam length are all quoted specific to your individual application and needs. 
    With proper project planning, the required rail length, the amount of other rolls required, as well as other attachments, including welding booms, etc. can properly be provided.  
    • Automatic diameter adjustments
    • Remote control with 15' cable
    • Ability to move the workpiece in two directions with hydraulic cylinders (right-left + up-down)
    • Steel wheels on the mobile unit
    • PU wheels in fixed unit
    • Rail Motion System for Moving Unit - SET (Carrier Car System)

    • Customer-specific wheel design
    • 4 fixed line design by adding 2 SAR rolls on a single chassis. (Ask for details.)


    SFU Specifications-1