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    HBW H Profile Welding Lines

    The BENDMAK H Profile Welding Machine is designed to produce high quality special H profiles by welding parts of different sizes, which are centered in the inlet conveyor groups. With the guarantee of Bendmak for fast, safe and quality results ...
    The working principle of the system:
    The machine is stationary and the workpiece is moved by driven conveyors. The movement of the workpiece is through a reduction motor. There are two separate pneumatic torch connection stands on the main body. These tables move independently from each other. The hydraulic cylinders in the system ensure the proper positioning of the H Profile piece. The system has a hydraulic piston loading unit.
    The H profile coming out of the H Profile Welding machine performs 90º tilting with hydraulic piston tilting stands at the end of the process. The system allows the use of submerged arc welding machines in line with the brand determined by the customer. Speed ​​control system is activated up to loading, main body (welding part) and exit tipping stands.
    • Rear hydraulic centering unit on the feeding conveyor
    • Camera system
    • Motorized welding head guides

    HBW 1200x600 & HBW 2000x1000