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    Machinery HCB-MCB Column Boom Welding Systems Welding Systems

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    HCB-MCB Column Boom Welding Systems

    Column-Boom systems can weld parts independently, as well as circular or lengthwise welding with the help of  tank rolls, rotator or positioner. There are various types of welding systems that can be employed including: SUBMERGED ARC WELDING, MIG, MAG or TIG. The Bendmak Column-Boom systems can be stationary mounted or automatically employed on walking on rails.
    Column-Boom systems allow increasing the quality, reducing the production time and greatly reducing operator fatigue thereby increasing the precision and the amount of continuous welding an operator can do.
    Bendmak includes 10' × 10' and 30' × 30' Column-Boom systems in its standard lists. However, it is capable of producing up to 33' x 33' in special application cases.
    • 359 ° Rotating column (manual)
    • Mobile wired remote
    • V-type slide system designed for gapless operation
    • Adjustable linear boom speed
    • Boom speed digital indicator
    • Choice of boom speed (fast / slow)
    • Mechanical locking system against boom drop
    • Boom counterweight system (Elevator)
    • Limit switch in all movements
    • Welding power unit stand (on the column)
    • Brake motors
    • Cable ducts on column-boom
    • Fixable system to the ground
    • Torch square
    • Manual controlled torch adjustment system (slide)

    HCB-MCB Column Boom Systems 3


    • Common / Central Control Panel
    • Automatic Rotary Column
    • Operator Seat (with ladder option)
    • Camera Monitoring System
    • Tandem Welding Devices
    • Lighting
    • Stairs
    • PLC Control with Converters (synchronized operating system)
    • Oscillator System (with MIG / MAG)
    • Walkway (Rail system)
    • SAW, MIG / MAG or TIG Welding Systems
    • Welding Tracking System - Laser
    • Welding Tracking System - Mechanical
    • Powder Drying System (SAW only)
    • Mobile Console
    • Automation System
    • Insulation According to Business Conditions
    • Double Head Welding System (SAW-Tandem)
    • Twin Wire Welding System (SAW-Twin)
    • Twin Wire Double Headed Welding System (SAW-Twin Tandem)
    • AC / DC Single Source Power Unit (SAW)

    HCB & MCB Specifications