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Bendmak USA

    Machinery B3DL ECO 7 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drilling Line Beam Drilling & Processing

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    B3DL ECO 7 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drilling Line

    In B3DL, in addition to the X and Y axes, a servo Z axis is also added to each spindle unit. In the B3DL, many rows of holes can be drilled in the sliding direction of the material without moving the material over a length of 20".
    Hydraulic Marking Tool (Opt.)
    A Rotary Stamping Head and positioning of that head are done via a servo-motor. Only the movements of the blocking jaw and the blocking jaw plate are hydraulic. Marking can be done in a 2.4" x 6" area. Letter height: 15/32". During marking, there is no need to move the profile, as the writing head makes rotary and axial feed. The printing head pressure force is determined by the hydraulic pressure adjustment.
    Scratch Marking Kit (Opt.)
    The marking unit is located in ATC like a regular tool. It turns 18,000 RPM with 90 PSI of air pressure. The marking depth can be adjusted to the desired depth and the adjusted depth is ensured by a marking unit that can offset +/- 0.3"

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