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    Machinery B3DL 1200 10 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drilling Line Beam Drilling & Processing

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    B3DL 1200 10 Axis Three Spindle CNC Drilling Line

    The B3DL Series of Structural Fabricating Drilling Machines from BENDMAK offers high quality production solutions in steel construction manufacturing, bridge construction, shipyards and various areas of the construction industry. This series has the capacity to drill holes in H, I and U profiles, angles with standard sizes of 4" to 1.5" or more in diameter.
    B3DL Drilling Lines consists of one, two or three independent spindles.
    • The single spindle model, called B1DL, can turn upright or +90 / -90 degrees and pierce the profile from three sides.
    • Models with three spindles, known as B3DL, can simultaneously drill holes on three sides of the profile independently of each other. Zeroing the material and returning it to the next drilling positions is done automatically by CNC.
    BDL Drilling Lines are controlled and driven by first class CNC Controllers such as Mitsubishi and Siemens.  These systems stand out in quality and trust with Bendmak's strong after-sales support.
    With the B3DL, three independent spindle units can simultaneously drill holes on three sides of the profile. There is a tool change system with four tool capacity for each spindle.
    In the B3DL, many rows of holes can be drilled without moving the material over a 20" length. For example, if the hole is 3/8" and the distance between the holes is 7.5",  12 rows of holes can be drilled without moving the material. This saves a tremendous amount of processing time. In addition, it is possible to engrave on all three surfaces (optional).
    The material (I-Beam, Box, Angle or Bar) is first placed on the input conveyor. The workpiece is then held by the trolley arm jaw and is then driven into the machine with the position of the material absolutely ensured with a laser sensor.
    The workpiece, once completed, is then driven to the angle bandsaw (optional) with the driving handle jaw where it can be cut in the desired length and angle (-45 / + 60 °) necessary. The cut material then is driven to the exit conveyor.
    • Control Panel: Mitsubishi
    • Drilling Unit - Vertical: 1 Vertical
    • Drilling Unit - Horizontal: 2 Horizontal
    • Drilling Diameter: 3/8" - 1.5"
    • Spindle Speed: 50-3000rpm.
    • Spindle Motor Power: 30HP 
    • Spindle Torque: 206 Ft Lbs 
    • Positioning System: Pre-stressed ball screw / nut system
    • Automatic Tool Change Unit: 4 tool capacity for each spindle
    • Input Conveyor Length: 40' 
    • Output Conveyor Length: 40' 
    • Central Lubrication System: Standard
    • Tool Cooling System: MQL
    • Material Weight: 190 LBS p/Foot
    • Threading tool for all three axes (optional): 3/8" - 15/16" (with special tool)
    • Profile width max-min, with lower support unit: 47"/60"/ 69- 7/8"
    • Profile Height max-min: 20" / 23.6" 
    • Spindle Taper: BT 40 (with coolant through hole)
    • Workpiece Drive System: Planetary reduction gear
    • Profile Length Reset: Standard
    • Angle Band Saw Integration: Optional
    • Weight: 28,660 LBS
    • Machine Dimensions: 95" x 275" x 125"
    • Hydraulic Engraving: Optional
    • Scratch Engraving tool: All three surfaces
    • Chip Conveyor: Standard

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