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    BFM Flanging Machine

    Bendmak Edge Flanging machines are developed for the highest speed and have been carefully designed for lowest vibration and durability during flanging operations. Designed as a whole body welded joint and subjected to stress relief annealing the frame is without compromise. Due to its fully hydraulic control and proportional valves, it can also be used very easily even by an inexperienced operator.
    The hydraulic system has also been designed with special precautions against over-loading or incorrect adjustment in order to avoid damage due to over capacity operations. 
    During the flanging process, flanging can be done automatically without the need to worry about material thinning. Capacities from 20" to 40' in diameter and with material thicknesses from 0.080" to 2" in cold processing to 4" capacities in heated process applications. 
    The BFM Series also has models equally suited for perforated or non-perforated preformed blanks. 
    The BFM series also by design can flange very thin materials without thinning the wall sections. Whether its non-perforated, thin or thick, stainless or non-alloy steel the BFM can provide the workhorse you need to produce the lowest surface roughness and eliminate material thinning. 
    • Body construction is high alloy steel and mig welded. 
    • The Frame is fully stress relieved in order to be manufactured with much narrower tolerances after welding.
    • Vibration is minimized as the upper and lower transport rollers slide directly on the body.
    • Upper and lower carrier cars are driven by hydromotors and hydraulic cylinders.
    • The top forming (spinning) ball is driven by a radial piston hydromotor for the highest torque and rotational speed.
    • The bottom forming (spinning) ball moves with 3 pistons and works by sliding directly between the 2 body panels.
    • The balls are heat treated from very special quality tool steel.
    • A special primer is used on the machine frame before painting for extended life corrosion resistance.
    • Lubrication is easily completed via a conveniently located manual pump.
    • Under-camber support rollers driven by hydraulic cylinders are employed during flanging.
    • Hydraulic system protection is provided for by utilizing a radial piston pump, oil tank level and temperature indicators as well as an oil contamination indicator.

    BFM Flanging Machine Specifications


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