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    BEF Plate Drilling Machines

    BENDMAK also has the most advanced technical solution for flange drilling in the steel construction industry. High speed, high processing efficiency, high quality in materials and up to 40" X 60" processing capabilities with the BEF Series of Plate Drilling Machinery
    The unique BEF FLANGE Drilling Machine has been developed with the experience gained over half a century. The latest technology was developed for efficient drilling, tapping and surfacing the working plate. All motion is controlled by the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system.
    The main body is manufactured as a solid welded steel construction. After stress relieving the weldment and heat treating the frame is then finally machined.
    BEF CNC FLANGE Drilling can process plates with a thickness between 0.250" and 3", within it's working area. The material is easily moved on a ball transfer processing table via the powerful hydraulic clamping jaws. With CNC programming, the part is positioned then locked in place with a hydraulic clamp utilizing hardened 'claw type' jaws and only then, the drilling process is executed. The BEF Flange Drilling machine is capable of drilling tapping, surface milling, simple contour milling and hydraulic pressure machining operations.



    BEF 10 & BEF 07 Specifications


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