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    Machinery BPM-D GANTRY Drilling and Oxygen Plasma Cutting Machine Plate Processing Systems

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    BPM-D GANTRY Drilling and Oxygen Plasma Cutting Machine

    Bendmak Touch on Punch/Plasma Combination Machines...
    Bendmak's model BPM-D GANTRY Drilling and Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting machine introduces full CNC controlled hole drilling, marking and cutting , this range of versatile machine available by only a limited number of manufacturers in the world, yet none at the value of the Bendmak BPM-D.
    Bendmak increases productivity, especially in steel construction, with the BPM-D GANTRY model where the material is stationary and the gantry performs drilling, cutting and light milling operations on the plate with the movement of the bridg.  The BPM-D GANTRY, has a powerful spindle powered by a 30 Horsepower Drive and a Hypertherm Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting system. The bridge is movable while the table is fixed allowing for the heaviest of workpieces to be worked. While the smallest model starts from 78" in width and 244" in length; the largest model can reach up to 16' in width and 120' in length.
    Bendmak is also takes a sensitive approach to the environment with this product as gases coming out of the plasma and oxy cutting are collected from the fixed table, filtered and delivered to the environment as cleaned.
    • Plate size (max.): 120" X 244"
    • Plate thickness with plasma (max.): 2"
    • Plasma torches (No.): 1
    • Plate thickness with Oxy (max. Mm): 4"
    • Drilling head (No.): 1
    • Drilling tools per head (No.): 8
    • Spindle power (HP): 30
    • Spindle max (RPM): 3000
    • Machine weight (Lbs): 50,110

    BPM-GANTRY Specifications


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